Industries That Have Been Transformed By Technology

During our lifetime, we have all been affected by technology in one way or another, as we have all grown up within the digital age and this is only going to improve as the years go on. However, there has been some industries that have been totally transformed by the digital age, and some more than others, and below we look at these and why these industries have specifically been affected.

[Image: Forbes]

One industry that has been transformed has been that of the retail industry in which now we are seeing a shift of shoppers migrate from high-street shop to online alternatives due to a number of factors. One of the main factors is that customers can find the same products online for a cheaper price compared to shops that you can find on the high-street. Not only that, but the convivence that online retail shopping poses to consumers is considerably higher as we can now order what we please online and get it delivered to our front doors within days. 

Furthermore, the gambling industry has also been transformed by the introduction of technology as we are seeing more players using online alternative markets compared to land-based casinos and betting shops. One online casino that we have seen become a beneficiary of this is over at which are now able to showcase one of the best all-round gambling experiences for all players.

Another industry that has been totally transformed by the technology age has been that of the news and media sector which has been totally digitalised due to technology. Technology has changed the face of the whole news industry for both reporters and the viewing audience. Pre-internet, consumers would purchase a daily newspaper or watch the news in the evenings on the television but with the introduction of the internet, consumers are now able to access their favourite news outlets within seconds on any of their connected devices whether it be on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Moreover, the automotive industry has also been able to benefit from the rise of technology over the past couple decades and in multiple different ways too. First, large automotive companies have been able to add impressive technology into their cars like touchscreens, highlighting pedestrians on dashcams and other impressive technology. Not only this, but the introduction of electric vehicles wouldn’t have been possible without the rapid rise of technology and electric vehicles have now been touted as the future due to their impressive performance and eco-friendly emissions.

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