How to Spend Less Money

Many of us are struggling financially at the moment, but there are ways that we can spend less money in order to make balancing the budget easier. There are some tips below on how to do this.

Utility bills

It is well worth doing a comparison of prices of different energy suppliers in order to find whether switching will make things cheaper. It is also worth considering whether you can move to a cheaper phone contract or broadband provider. Consider whether it is necessary to have a land line and mobile or whether you can cut costs by eliminating one.


Rent is something which is unlikely to be negotiable but moving house can be a way to reduce the cost. Mortgage is something that is easier to change without moving, although downsizing could be an option for some people. Compare mortgage costs to see whether you can save money by moving elsewhere.

Spend Less Money


Most of us have some sort of insurance, whether it is for our car, home, pets or life. These all add up and it is worth checking every so often, as to whether any money can be saved by moving to a new provider. It is not that difficult to do and could save quite a bit of money each month.


Food is something that we all need to have, but there are ways to cut the costs. It can be worth looking to see whether there is a cheaper supermarket that you can go to, for example. It is also worth thinking of ways to cut down on eating out, perhaps by preparing a packed lunch or having a take away or ready meal, which can be cheaper.


It is easy to spend money on entertainment without realising it. Even if we are not going out to the theatre or cinema a lot, we still may be spending money on television or downloads or games, books, videos TV programs etc. These are things that it is easy to consider as essential, however they are one of the reasons that it is more expensive to live these days. Getting a more basic television package and only downloading free apps, can save a lot of money. Going out less often, perhaps having friends over instead of meeting in a bar, can save money too.


Cutting down on luxuries should be easy to do, but it can still be difficult. However, try to reduce how many holidays you have, the amount of new clothing you buy and electronic purchases. Buying gifts can be expensive too and although it may seem ungenerous, no one’s family or friends wants them to struggle financially just to buy a gift for them. Homemade gifts are appreciated more by most people and can be cheaper. Also cheaper gifts need not look cheaper if you shop carefully.

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