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Hi everyone! My name is Eleanor, but you can call me Ellie! I live in the UK currently and I absolutely love life here, but I’ve traveled all over the world thanks to the things I’ve learned about personal finance, business, credit, and managing my money.

Personal finance is always made out to be this very complicated thing, but does it have to be that way? I’ve really learned that you have to be able to handle your money, because no one else will really handle it for you.

You have to think about all angles in the world of personal finance. I learned that as a student struggling with credit card debt. Credit cards really can sneak up on you, and it ended up ruining my credit. I had to make a long journey back into the world of finance, and it wasn’t easy at all but I finally made it!

I want to make sure that people don’t end up suffering the same fate that I did. I want people to feel good about the world of credit. It really is just a tool. It’s not something that’s designed to automatically hurt you. You have to be able to find the courage to find new ways of getting things done.

The best part about finding a great path is that once you figure out the system, the system works for you.

Worried about bankruptcy? I can help you figure out whether or not filing would be a good thing for you.

What about credit cards? I’ve gotten just about every offer you can think of, and I love talking about credit.

What about saving for the future? I track the best savings deals on this blog so you don’t have to hunt around for them all over the Web.

Relationships and money? I know what it’s like to balance a relationship and still save for the future — I’ll write a ton about this to help you!

When you can step back and look at your finance life objectively, amazing things really start to happen!

So, if you’re lost about credit, finance, and everything in between, I really invite you to stay tuned. I have a lot to share on the world of finance, and I know that it can be dry so we’ll try to keep it lively and fresh here. If you really have questions about anything I cover, you can always contact me — I love answering questions, publically or privately. If you give me permission I’ll even put your question on my blog and answer it so everyone will benefit from the information!


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